India’s slumping growth!

Right after the announcement of demonetisation by PM Modi, the entire country came to a standstill. 86% of the entire currency in circulation have been demonetised. People from all phases of life irrespective of societal status, occupation and of course religion stood in long lines outside banks to exchange their demonetised currencies. Majority of them […]

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Busted Together

We have all been taught in our schools that a friend in need is a friend indeed, but very rarely do we see the statement valid in practical situations among adults. We had all made good friends in schools/colleges and often we were also punished together or when one of us were caught by the […]

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Let’s calm down a bit

This week had been controversial since Sonu Nigam said that the sound of Azaan from a mosque near his flat disturbs him early in the morning. No doubt, in a country like India such a statement would trigger a controversy over religious freedom and would lead to fatwas being issues by clerics against him.  This […]

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Let’s save Summer Suprise Offer

We all know that Reliance Jio had recently withdrawn it’s summer suprise offer after TRAI advised it to withdraw as it does not fit in the telecom regulations. Jio had already posted it on it’s Facebook page that it would be withdrawing the Summer Suprise Offer as soon as it is operationally feasible. Jio has […]

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A thoughtful web series.

Hi Friends, Let’s be a bit informal today. So, today I watched a web series on YouTube and that moved me greatly. It fact I’ve promised myself that I would write a blog on it. Well, the web series is Man’s World and it is not a brand new series that comes every now and […]

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Sonu Nigam at Academy of Technology

Every year on a particular day, the technical campus of AOT located in the suburbs of Kolkata at Adisaptagram, embraces a new life that seems much different from the normal AOT days. The campus is decorated and it looks absolutely mesmerizing. AOTians do not have to worry about home assignments and internals. That day is known and […]

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 The new concept of Payments Bank

Currently India is witnessing a phase of rapid digitization of financial services. An important mile stone in this regard has been the introduction of BHIM App and Payments Bank by the Government of India. Now, you must have seen the TV commercial of Airtel featuring Airtel Payments Bank. You may not know that recently India […]

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